EASY Wins Software Product of the Year at the Document Manager Awards

EASY Contract Comfort ™ solution wins EASY its 16th DM Award in 12 years at the premier annual event for the UK content management community

Bury St Edmunds UK, November 27th, 2018 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has won ‘Software Product of the Year’ at the annual Document Manager Awards for its EASY Contract Comfort ™ solution. It was also named runner-up in the ‘Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year’ and ‘Records Management Product of the Year’ categories.

The firm, which has now won 16 DM Awards during the event’s twelve-year history, was crowned winner at a black-tie reception on November 22nd at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street in London’s Bloomsbury. The DM Awards are given based on outstanding contributions to the document management industry.

Andy Boulton, CEO at EASY, commented:

“We’re delighted to continue our winning streak at the Document Manager Awards, and we’d like to thank everyone who voted for us as well as our loyal customers. This award demonstrates that EASY Contract Comfort is a category leader in its field when it comes to flexible, comprehensive contract management solutions.”

The Software Product of the Year award joins previous DM Award category wins, including ‘Email Product of the Year’ (three times), ‘Channel Partner of The Year’, ‘Enterprise CMS Product’, ‘Workflow/BPM Product of the Year’, ‘Compliance Product of the Year’, ‘Invoicing Product of The Year’ and ‘Marketing Team of the Year’.

Webinar Recording: 5 great ways to deliver Contract Management

Relax, grab a coffee and enjoy the recording of this recent Contract Management webinar. It takes around 30 minutes and includes slides and audio.

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The days of trying to remember Contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over.  EASY Contract ensures end to end, automated, contract lifecycle management.

Take a look at the EASY Contract brochure

EASY Contract 3.0 – Flyer

Working with EASY – ECM is a Team Effort

Whether a prospective customer or partner, we think you’ll find us ready and willing to make the relationship work. Partnership is not just an expression here at EASY SOFTWARE, it is essential to our success. Because only through our extensive network are we able to offer our customers the advice and support that successfully delivers ECM.

A highly motivated team of over one hundred specialist partners in Europe and the rest of the world are there for our customers. And thanks to our advanced competence scheme, they are experts in a wide range of areas: from archiving and incoming invoice solutions to contract and HR records management.

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Getting up to speed on Document Management

Get up to speed on Document Management with EASY SOFTWARE UK.

So much is written about advanced forms of enterprise content management (ECM) and advanced workflow today, that it’s almost an assumption that organisations have mastered the basics of electronic document management. Yet, how many organisations are you aware of that run a paperless office?

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Avoid Employee Fraud, And The Associated Issue Of Error

June 2016 – In an article EASY published last month in key technology and financial services title FSTech, EASY’s Director of Sales and Marketing at the firm’s UK offices discusses the next step in ECM’s evolution in his view: the integration of ECM and DM.

The article charts how, despite technology progress in many areas in business and having Document Management (DM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in place for years, many businesses still haven’t integrated the to their financial systems and ERP, and so just aren’t reaping the greatest benefit out of their investment.

As Howard writes, “What’s peculiar about this picture is that it’s in Finance that DM usually starts to be adopted, which is the same place the organisation’s finance engine and ERP sits. But somehow, CFOs and their teams aren’t making the mental connection.”

That should act as a wake-up call to the whole DM community, he warns: “We started our journey in Finance. Let’s go back there, and use that basis as the jumping-off point for the next fantastic phase of e-business.”

Read the article in full here

Two Great International Major Firms Giving EASY The Thumbs Up

Bury St Edmonds, UK — 9 February 2016 — STFA Construction Group is a very successful large Turkish company providing services in the construction, natural gas distribution, construction equipment and construction chemicals sectors — and it’s just gone on record to endorse the EASY ECM suite.

The firm says the software is driving better document workflow processes across all of its business units, inputting the right data from EASY into all of its SAP-run contract, personnel, risk, health and security and construction project management activities.

Timucin Erdogu, the IT Director at STFA Construction Group talks to EASY SOFTWARE UK

In the words of its IT Director, Timucin Erdogu, “EASY does SAP integration very well, is a very flexible product and allows us to meet all our requirements. We are very satisfied, as EASY is a customer friendly and very flexible application. I can only recommend EASY to any enterprise!”

Erdogu and his team say that EASY was only chosen after an extensive evaluation process, with around 30 leading products being evaluated, leading to a final short list of four, of which EASY and one last competitor.

EASY secured the contract by passing a tough final test Erdogu set for the bid team — a live demo, during which he changed the scenario to really test its flexibility.

“Only EASY could manage the change, which is why we’re working with it now,” he explains.

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In another great example of customer success, but on the other side of the world, CasaLuker, Colombia’s best known coco and coffee manufacturer, says it’s using EASY in another powerful combination with SAP — in this case, it’s market-leading analytics platform, Hana.

In this case, EASY’s EIM solution for SAP, implemented in under a month, is powering the firm’s fully digital end-to-end procurement process, eliminating paper-driven approval processes and starting to derive fully actionable BI (business intelligence).

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 13.19.10

“Previously, we had a big problem with handling documents and papers, especially in the area of supply chain management,” admits its Director of Technology, Gerson Granados.

“One of the biggest challenge with implementing information systems is to find project that deliver results quickly. With EASY, we found a company that promises to deliver a complete EIM solution in less than a month.”

Granados says the idea of implementing an entire SAP-integrated EIM system remotely sounded “strange” at first, but that EASY’s cloud power made the transition into a success.

Granados contrasts the old with the new: “At one time, we had more than 150 people manually approving the entire procurement process. Now SAP’s working with EASY, we have an electronic, 100% paper-free process. We can confirm the EASY solution is giving us a transparent, end-to-end, procurement process.”

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EASY’s Coverage In Document Manager Magazine: The Whys And Wherefores Of A Move To Outsource Document Management

December 22nd, 2015 – EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Managing Director has received prominent coverage for his views on outsourcing DM and how it is not a straightforward matter, by any means.

Howard says that outsourcing DM used to involve third-party scanning specialists for documents in bulk, trundling off with all your files in a big van – then re-appearing at an indeterminate later time to hand you back a bunch of compact discs with a basic search facililty.

These days, he points out, outsourced DM has evolved considerably, and is now far more flexible and sophisticated in the way it’s able to help you handle data.

In particular, cloud means we can handle much larger volumes – meaning outsourcing can happen at a much greater scale, and with far more functional and flexible and tailorable service level agreement options.

So, forget that CD, he says in his article in respected publication Document Manager. Now staff can access the corporate memory banks from the other side of the world in an instant, off their smartphone.

According to Howard, DM outsourcing is great – however it’s always important to evaluate all the factors in order to get maximum business advantage.

The lesson he is careful to draw is that managers need to take DM or ECM outsourcing very seriously, as it’s a potentially risky commitment.

He concludes that while there are enormous benefits and we’re a long way from the van and the CD, but working with cloud like this needs to be managed carefully.

See if you agree by reading his article, here.

EASY Software UK’s EASY Contract Scoops Storage Award 2015

EASY SOFTWARE Scoops Award at the Storage Awards 2015

Success at the ‘Storries’ for the 9th Year Running

Bury St Edmunds, UK – June 25, 2015 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has once again triumphed at the annual Storage Awards, winning in the ‘Value For Money’ category with its solution EASY Contract.

EASY Contract manages contracts by providing automatic reminders of key milestone events within agreements and provides email notifications so that nothing critical is ever missed, securing cashflow and reducing contract risk.

Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY commented:

“EASY Software UK is thrilled to have won a prestigious ‘Storrie’ Award for the ninth year running. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us and, of course, everyone who uses our solutions. Our winning product, EASY Contract means that the days of trying to remember contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over and we’re delighted that it’s been recognised in this way.”

“This brings EASY’s total number of ‘Storries’  to ten over nine years, but of course we won’t be resting on our laurels. We’ll be trying even harder next year to keep up the good work!”

The Storage Awards, which has been running for 13 years, includes 30 categories which are voted for by thousands of Storage Magazine readers to reward the outstanding products, services and people in the industry.

More information about the awards can be found at:  or on Twitter @STMagAndAwards #Storries

Howard Frear (left) and Tony Cheung (right) are pictured at the awards ceremony with their award.


EASY SOFTWARE, which was founded in 1990 and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is Europe’s foremost provider of integrated document management technologies with more than 11,500 customers worldwide. Global and local companies rely on EASY’s comprehensive suite of scaleable document technologies to automate their businesses, improve productivity and efficiency and to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

EASY SOFTWARE is a Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and the second largest provider of SAP archiving solutions worldwide. EASY promotes it extensive suite of document management solutions both directly and indirectly through a network of 200+ global sales partners. More than 100 software development companies have created interfaces to EASY ENTERPRISE™, the company’s flagship solution.

EASY AG is headquartered in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, with further offices and subsidiaries throughout Germany, Austria, the USA, Singapore, Turkey and the UK.  More information on EASY SOFTWARE UK can be found at








Help Businesses Do M&A the Smart Content Enabled Way


by Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, EASY Software UK

Howard Frear offers an interesting ‘buy’ reason for Enterprise Content Management that not many of us have spotted yet.

The recent news that BT will pay £12 billion to EE owners Deutsche Telekom and Orange for the EE mobile brand is a useful reminder of just how important mergers and acquisitions are in the modern business world.

To read the full article, please see page 24 of FSTech (February 2015):