EASY Publishes Special Roadmap To Accounts Payable Automation Success

Bury St Edmunds, UK: September 27, 2018 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of Document Management (DM) solutions, is delighted to announce the availability of a special new whitepaper on achieving best practice in Accounts Payable (AP).

In Streamlining Accounts Payable, practical and cost-effective ways to move off today’s still often manual AP processes with modern technology are laid out, with a series of practical recommendations for Finance, Accounts Payable and P2P (Procure-To-Pay) practitioners to automate and innovate.

Featuring research and insights from The Accounts Payable Association, the association for information management professionals AIIM, and EASY SOFTWARE, Streamling Accounts Payable also features a number of Accounts Payable automation case studies that prove how working in a digital way is the best way of maintaining control, improving efficiency and meeting compliance targets.

“This research offers invaluable best practice insight and usefully summarises current research about DM in Accounts Payable, as well as offering great insight into how to digitise AP process effectively,” promises Howard Frear, Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK.

“Going fully Accounts Payable digital can deliver substantial benefits and savings, as we have witnessed in many of our customer implementations.

“And even better, those benefits and savings can be enjoyed by any organisation.”

The full Whitepaper is available here

A Conversation With AIIM: Three Of The Biggest Business Problems

In a recent dialogue with thedmcollaborators, AIIM’s SVP EMEA, Atle Skjekkeland, discussed what he sees as as the three biggest problems facing brands today.

For one, according to Atle, Invoice Processing still isn’t adequately automated, with AIIM global membership research showing only one organisation in three has made the process seamless and digital. He also points out that HR needs to finally digitise all its processes. Finally, Atle highlights another problem area — contract management, revealing that two thirds of companies his organisation had recently surveyed admitted they still manage that process with paper or some level of manual input.

These are all areas companies need to address in order to remain competitive, he concludes. He also confirmed they are also excellent opportunities for the Document Management vendors to step in and help.

Read our full interview here