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At EASY we have a reputation for developing high quality, compliant, scaleable,  EASY to deploy enterprise document management technology.

Many of our 200+ global sales partners have worked with us to embed our technology into their applications.  In fact more than 100 software development partners have created interfaces to EASY.

We offer an extensive range of solutions based around our technology that help organisations embrace EDM as part of their daily processes. With our flagship EASY Contract, EASY Records for HR and EASY Invoice solutions, we have gone one stage further to making your transition to EDM a smooth and EASY one.

We Save Time.

EASY Contract

The days of trying to remember Contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over.  EASY Contract ensures end to end, automated, contract lifecycle management

EASY Invoice

Simple, efficient and effective accounts automation.  Transparent processes that significantly reduce processing times for purchase invoices. Delivering capture, data synchronisation, verification, allocation, approval, posting, search/retrieval, and reliable revision-proof storage.


Whether it’s hundreds or thousands of candidates, applications, CVs, correspondence, contracts, forms, documents –  we make it EASY with EASY Records for HR

Document Management



Your Business Matters

We understand that businesses move faster than ever, that is why we promise to keep up with your customers and stakeholders by forever evolving our Document Management Software.

We work hard to regularly offer upgrades to our existing customers. Enhancements such as new features and functionalities are designed to match changing business requirements and maximize your product’s potential. Upgrading your software also helps to improve employee morale, by providing the best version of the software you will make their lives and work easier to manage. What’s not to like?

Arrange to talk to an Account Manager to discuss upgrading your software.

Our Document Management Software upgrades will take you above and beyond!

We Save Time.

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