Invoice Automation

Creating A Friction-Free Digital Finance System

Customers can start attaining business advantage when they connect up a powerful document management suite with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) finance system.

In the past, Accounts Payable (AP) teams started their days opening the post, attaching coding and authorisation tickets to invoices, sending them for approval, and chasing for invoices to be returned. They then entered details onto the mainframe or mini-computer system, which paid the invoices and they archived the documents in the filing cabinet.

Today we face a situation of radically smaller AP teams, but the number of invoices remains the same or has increased, as companies expand.

THE SOLUTION: invoice automation to help AP teams manage.

Many of the customers we work with find integration with document management the best way to deliver such automation, and this e-book will explain the principal benefits of that approach. Read more here.

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