Easy Enterprise – Increasing success enterprise-wide


Increasing Success Enterprise-wide

Various divisions and departments in organisations create, copy, distribute and collect information both in written and electronic form. But not all information, e.g. advertisements that accompany incoming mail every morning, represents contents of relevance to an organisation. Other information, such as a personnel file, is business-critical and needs to be accurately reviewed and securely retained.

To further simplify and accelerate business processes, data-processing systems are increasingly used in various enterprises. This involves setting up e-mail systems for worldwide communication, while enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enable making optimum use of existing capacities in an enterprise, and managing them.

The quantity of these different types of information is a great challenge to enterprises. So, how can you guarantee in a future-proof manner that all important and relevant information on a business process can be quickly retrieved via a central entry-point, and be conveniently made available across departments?

That’s where the enterprise content management (ECM) solution EASY ENTERPRISE comes in. In addition to safely retaining all information, it ensures increased process quality. EASY ENTERPRISE facilitates central and revision-proof data storage of all information in an organisation, and quick search for contents. On the basis of defined business processes, information can be distributed in an organisation, or be forwarded to individual groups of people.

Using other integrations, information can be incorporated from existing systems, such as e-mail or ERP systems, and be displayed when required. Seamless integration with the existing data systems and their user interfaces allow users to work from their traditional environment.


On the safe side with easy

  • Employees in different countries use the system in their own language
  • A safe way of meeting legal requirements
  • High-availability without downtimes
  • Automatic control of retention periods
  • Reducing the data sets by avoiding storage of identical information (single instance)
  • Traceable information via activities associated with documents or information

Versatile capailities

  • Seamless integration with already existing ERP solutions in your organisation
  • Quick and simple distribution of documents
  • Using the IT infrastructure that already exists in your organisation
  • Accessing the contents of document attachments
  • Extensive version management
  • Storing documents through content-dependent mapping
  • Convenient search options for content and structural features
  • Extensions of standard functionalities through integrated scripting engine

Store your data – your way

  • Long-term archiving and flexible integration into a variety of different storage systems
  • Direct integration with existing user administrations
  • Structured storage and display of personnel, customer or project files, for example

The universal ECM platform EASY ENTERPRISE provides extensive options of processing documents and data, such as archiving, DMS, and workflow. This high-end software solution provides a multi-platform-capable architecture and supports Microsoft Windows Server, Linux and UNIX platforms.

Using a DMS system, you need to be able to rely on quickly and reliably accessing data, information and documents at any time. EASY ENTERPRISE represents the highest level of resiliency against failures, which is ensured even for sub-systems through smart clustering scenarios. The combined use of proprietary EASY mechanisms and standard technologies such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) ensures that all cluster nodes are constantly connected and will recognise failing system components on time. For example, when shutting down a server for maintenance purposes, other EASY ENTERPRISE servers will automatically take over that server’s tasks.

Delivering exceptional functionality, this new product is a truly scalable, platform-independent solution that offers load-balancing and high availability. EASY ENTERPRISE ARCHIVE/DMS Servers support Windows platforms, Linux and other UNIX platforms.

The EASY ENTERPRISE ECM Server has been built to handle vast amounts of documents with minimum administration demands in mind.

Enjoy your independence

The EASY ENTERPRISE clients are completely Java implemented. This modern programming language today represents state-of-the-art technology; it ensures platform independence by using of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). EASY ENTERPRISE therefore supports Windows-based systems, as it does Linux and various Unix platforms, or Apple Mac. Accordingly, switching the operating system can be easily implemented.

All in all, we took care when selecting the technology to ensure that commercial, market-leading products are supported (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) and that a more cost-effective Open Source platform is always available (e.g. MySQL, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, etc.). This enables users to always use the infrastructure component that suits them.

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