GDPR – What Can We Expect Next?

In a recent blog, data protection expert and lawyer Ralph T O’Brien discussed the recently-passed General Data Protection Act. His main point: if you are involved in the information and content business there’s a lot going on in the new DPA (Data Protection Act), which is how GDPR got passed into British law, that you need to know about. Mr O’Brien outlines why we needed a new DPA (the first one was passed in 1998) and the important fact that the UK didn’t just ‘copy-paste’ the EU’s legislation, but made significant local changes, and that there are lots of things that got added that are the subject of controversy (para 185). As well as detailing these important aspects of GDPR, Ralph warns that you not only need to deliver GDPR and align with this new Data Protection Act, but you need to start preparing for even more EU data privacy legislation in 2019.

Read his useful insights for yourself here.

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