EURO 2016: How DM Can Help Your ‘Home Team’

June 2016 – EASY has received great coverage in an article in key HR title, HR Grapevine, about what football can teach HR managers when it comes to managing HR documentation, workflow and processes.

The article,  written by EASY’s Sales and Marketing Director Howard Frear, discusses how a crucial transfer window for a major Premiership footballer was missed due to an HR admin issue (the vital documents were not sent in a complete form in time), resulting in one unhappy player and two very unhappy football clubs.

As Howard notes, “Poor human capital management like this is, of course, not reserved for football clubs alone. The reality is any organisation managing people needs to do the best job possible, using the best techniques available, to manage talent acquisition and avoid mistakes like this.”

He concludes, “Now is the time to move towards your paperless future, even if there are no expensive goalkeepers involved.”

Have a great festival of football over the next few weeks, good luck to your team whoever they may be — and don’t forget to catch Howard’s article here

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