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EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Sales & Marketing Director Howard Frear has written a very informative piece for key industry publication IT for CEOs on the on-going relevance of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

The classical discipline is not a something that gets much of an airing these days of cloud-based business, according to Howard.

That’s a problem – as its key principles of properly classifying, managing and storing information over time remain relevant in any environment, even one as seemingly rich in computing resources as ours: perhaps even more so.

Analysts are backing Howard’s conviction that ILM still matters – with Gartner telling CIOs recently it’s “an approach to data and storage management that recognises that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly… ILM seeks to classify data according to its business value and establish policies to migrate and store data on the appropriate storage tier and, ultimately, remove it altogether”.

That matters, as the more digitally connected we become, the more data we spawn. And where is all that data being stored? Largely in the cloud, since cloud storage costs are decreasing by 20% annually.

While on the face of it cloud appears an inexpensive and ‘infinite’ archiving solution, in reality, cautions the piece, if we ignore our data obligations under law, we lose accountability, control – and face real compliance and governance risk, especially when it comes to being able to definitively prove old business information’s been deleted for good.

Read Howard’s article for yourself here

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