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Digitising your personnel management processes

More than ever, HR departments are faced with increased pressure to be more efficient, as well as providing improved service and shorter response times.  Strict legal and privacy requirements increase pressure on HR managers, and effective access control and documentation of sensitive information are high on the list of priorities. EASY HR enables you to meet these challenges by easing the workload on the HR department and increasing your organisations’ efficiency.

EASY HR allows you to manage your organisations’ digital personnel and company files more efficiently than ever. With modules for managing employee records, employee on/off-boarding, job posting and applicant management, as well as training and development management, EASY HR can support your company with all HR department processes.

Our EASY HR solution is designed to be user friendly with an intuitive Employee Self-Service interface and mobile access to files.  Enabling companies to offer high quality personnel services, with a modern HR management system that meets employees’ expectations for personal responsibility and flexibility, and adapts to the speed of the digital transformation.


HR Records Management
  • Centralised digital personnel file means every document can be found and accessed immediately

  • Comply with national and international legal requirements for data privacy and document storage

  • Improve recruiting process with job posting and applicant management

  • Save time by automating time consuming manual processes

  • Save money by removing the need to store and manage paper based files

  • Integrated deadline management allows for proactive management

  • Secure permission concepts prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data


  • Centralised storage of personnel files: All employee documents and data in one place and accessible from anywhere.
  • Employee self-service: Managers and HR staff can provide employees access to their own records
  • Built-in Workflow: Easy to use rules based and ad-hoc workflows to control and monitor key tasks while automating previous manual processes
  • Job Posting & Applicant Management: Connect to digital recruitment portals and help “win the war for talent” by automating the recruitment process.
  • Qualification Management: Employee training and development courses can be managed to ensure employee skills are recorded and kept up to date.
  • On and Off Boarding Management: capability controls and monitors all tasks related to the recruitment and release of employee
  • Integration tools: allow synchronisation of data with other HR, Payroll, and ERP systems
  • Revision proof archiving: ensures compliance and corporate governance.

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