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EASY Invoice is the established and trusted solution for digital invoice management. It captures invoices from paper and electronic formats, extracts invoice data, routes invoices around the organisation for approval, and finally passes posting data to the ERP system while storing the invoice in our revision proof archive.

Invoice management is one of the core processes in an enterprise which can tie up significant personnel and financial resources. Conventional manual processing results in longer throughput times, countless copies and associated inconsistencies, time-consuming searches for invoices, and overflowing filing cabinets. Whereas electronic, automated invoice processing via EASY Invoice can solve these problems and deliver high process quality, transparency, and speed while ensuring immediate access to information.

Inefficient processes, lack of transparency and non-compliant archiving constitute significant financial and legal risks. All these are unnecessary, because with EASY Invoice you’ll be on the safe side and you’ll keep track of everything.


Invoice Management
  • Reduce time taken to manually input invoice data by up to 80%

  • Improve quality of finance data and reduce input errors and duplicate payments

  • Provide complete transparency of processes in Accounts Payable

  • Fully compliant with national and international legislation

  • Increase office space by removing the need to store paper copies

  • Answer supplier enquiries immediately and effectively

  • Improve cash flow by taking advantage of early payment discounts

EASY SOFTWARE UK Receives Accredited Partner Status From The Accounts Payable Association

EASY SOFTWARE UK has been nominated as an Accredited Partner for its document management solutions by the leading Accounts Payable professional membership organisation in the field.


  • Optical character recognition (OCR) that uses the latest trained mathematical algorithms to read the contents of financial documents to automatically provide validated posting data that can be presented to the ERP system for posting. This substantially reduces data processing time and also increases accuracy.
  • Workflow interface configured and controlled using a Microsoft Visio® interface that allows for an easy comparison of the inbound data to manage posting exceptions and handle approval processes.
  • Image enablement for the ERP system to provide finance and business users the ability to simply view documents directly from the financial record.
  • Reporting metrics and dashboards to enhance management information regarding many key performance indicators and to keep track of the processes. Power users can “drill down” to individual transactions and the relevant audit trail for the highest level of transparency.

  • Latest web-client support (HTML 5) for the convenient use of mobile and tablet devices to interact with the data, additionally enhanced by access to an app store for a more customised experience.
  • Integration with the latest Microsoft Office suite including email to provide a flexible and convenient method to capture electronic documents of all types for a complete customer or supplier financial record.
  • Creation and approval of outbound documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, dunning letters and delivery notes with enhanced full-text search to track and complete transactions.
  • Direct integration into a variety of ERP systems including SAP, Sun Systems, Dynamics NAV, GP & AX, Proactis and many more.
Invoice Management

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