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Easy for SAP – Convenient Integration


EASY for SAP, the established and market-leading product line from EASY SOFTWARE, manages data and documents within the SAP® Business Suite.

Being a SAP Software Solution Partner, EASY SOFTWARE attaches importance to regular certification of EASY for SAP by SAP AG. The standard SAP ArchiveLink® interface is fully supported. EASY for SAP vastly enhances the benefit of the system beyond the SAP standard.

Documents are quickly and easily linked to SAP documents. Print documents are automatically stored securely from SAP processes, and are directly available to users at any time at the touch of a button. The products and solutions from EASY SOFTWARE let you manage and archive SAP-related information in no time at all. Various functions, such as the integrated retrieval engine, enable quick access to enterprise-wide contents at any time.


Certified archive to sap standards

  • Secure storage of incoming and outgoing paper documents from all SAP modules (SAP Data Archiving)
  • Quicker information capability in discussions with customers
  • Long-term retention of evaluation lists, reports, and journals
  • User access to documents from the traditional SAP transaction
  • Integration with SAP document management system (SAP DMS) and SAP KRPO
  • Integration with SAP Records Management
  • Integration with SAP Document Finder
  • Compliant retention of tax-related data (SAP DART)
  • Protects the hardware resources for SAP databases
  • Secure storage of application data
  • Supports deletion of data and turning off the system (SAP ILM)

Lots of additional features to secure efficiency

For your financial accounting department

  • Cost reduction in the financial accounting department
  • Accelerating invoice processing
  • Improving the quality of office work

For your personnel department

  • Efficient capturing and assigning of personnel documents to SAP HR
  • Quick overview of all personnel documents
  • Enterprise-wide overview of employee qualifications

For all employees

  • Direct access to SAP documents without reverting to SAP and SAP knowledge
  • More search options: access to business management posting information and contents of all documents
  • Everything complete within a single file: SAP documents, e-mail messages, letters, notes, data sheets, press release articles
  • Directly assign documents from Microsoft Office, mail items from Microsoft Outlook, or documents and mail items from Lotus Notes to business document in SAP.

For SAP users

  • All business documents can be directly accessed from the SAP environment
  • More search options: access to business management posting information and contents of all documents
  • Everything complete within a single file: SAP documents, e-mail messages, letters, notes, data sheets, press release articles
  • Advanced search in company archives for SAP document (“Which additional information is available, for example, on this invoice, purchase order, vendor, stock list?”)

For business processes

  • Accelerated handling through electronic processes
  • Optimising business resources through process transparency
  • Automatically assign non-SAP documents to SAP documents. Documents from the print system are automatically assigned to an SAP record; outgoing documents from external materials management systems are directly linked to the correct SAP document

Every SAP user will benefit from the extensive EASY for SAP functionality. Documents are created from different sources, stored in a revision-proof manner, and are available anytime for display and evaluation in SAP. In addition to this integration, the user can access the entire performance range of the market-leading ECM solution.

SAP ERP systems play a key part in interaction of business relations, regardless of whether these are internal or external business processes. Increasing efficiency and specifically accelerating these processes requires that transparent, location-independent and secure access to process-related data be guaranteed at any time, not just for employees, but also for partners, vendors and customers as required.

Easy for SAP – Level 1

EASY for SAP Level 1 is the basic interface between SAP ERP and EASY ENTERPRISE. It supports all SAP ArchiveLink requirements, and has been certified by SAP. This interface enables the storage and retrieval of any type of outgoing and ingoing document, print lists, reorg and DART files in EASY ENTERPRISE.

In addition to the SAP standard, EASY for SAP Level 1 provides a number of additional functions. Thus, scan documents can be converted from a TIFF format to a PDF format to increase long-term stability. Moreover, SAP print lists can be stored as a PDF document in addition to their proprietary SAP format and be made full text searchable. This is an unbeatable user convenience, compared to the basic functionality. Finally, EASY for SAP Level 1 provides the option to store outgoing PDF documents for display flexibly with (letter) forms.

Easy for SAP – Barcode

EASY for SAP BARCODE significantly improves the “Late archiving with barcodes” scenario by printing the SAP document number as a barcode after the posting process. At the same time, it eliminates the need for manual user input of the barcode. This removes the need for error-prone and time-consuming barcode input, as well as for writing the SAP document number on the paper document.


EASY for SAP – SING is used to process documents stored in SAP directly from the archive in a searchable manner, regardless of SAP.  All EASY ECM functions are available to users, including full text search for business management criteria. In this way, customer files that, for example, include a complete delivery process are compiled from SAP documents and all other company information.

These “independent” documents can be used very easily in any applications with an EASY integration, i.e. also from Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.


Using its own transaction, EASY for SAP – RETRIEVAL, offers all SAP users access to all company documents (proprietary SAP and non-SAP documents) stored in EASY ENTERPRISE. EASY for SAP – RETRIEVAL additionally includes the interface for SAP Document Finder. The EASY for SAP combination with Level 1 and RETRIEVAL serves all external archive interfaces of SAP Records Management. This ensures that all business documents are available in files or cases embedded into SAP Records Management.

EASY for SAP – Office and Lotus

EASY for SAP Office enables Microsoft users direct archiving of visible or marked Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents or Outlook mail messages) and assigning them to existing SAP documents. The requested SAP document is directly selected in the Office application. Direct login to SAP is not necessary.

The same functionality for Notes documents and mail items is available to Lotus Notes users using EASY for SAP Lotus document link.

Keeping track of all processes

The EASY for SAP information service allows extensive viewing of business processes from the SAP document. The ArchiveLink interface only allows displaying the original invoice from an invoice, for example. Whereas the information service enables an overview of the complete delivery process in the archive directly from the invoice. All documents associated with the process are immediately accessible.

EASY for SAP – SmartAttach

EASY for SAP – SmartAttach is a highly flexible tool that links documents to already existing SAP records (SAP Business Object). So background bulk processing replaces manual assignment of documents as in ArchiveLink.

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