EASY for Exchange from EASY SOFTWARE UK

Easy for Exchange – Heavy cargo turned into lightweight cargo

Everything you need to manage your e-mail.

EASY for EXCHANGE supports automatic, rule-based and user-centric archiving scenarios. In addition to increased data security and legal compliance, the Exchange Server’s data load is significantly reduced.

By integrating the newest Microsoft technologies and interfaces, EASY for EXCHANGE supports you in implementing the e-mail management and archiving solution into your organisation.

Increasing amounts of data and enterprises are no longer a challenge because EASY for EXCHANGE simply evolves with the enterprise through its scalability.

EASY for EXCHANGE provides compliant e-mail archiving for the Microsoft Exchange Server. This flexible control allows both transparent archiving of journal mailboxes and the defining of individual archive folders or the scheduled processing of e-mail messages. This enables EASY for EXCHANGE to safeguard the interests of both mandated data retention while preserving the data protection of individual Outlook users.

Archived e-mail messages can be directly removed from the Exchange mailbox or be replaced with a small reference file. This not only reduces the Exchange Server’s memory load by more than 90%, it also significantly minimises backup time.

References are treated in Microsoft Outlook as normal e-mail messages; Outlook 2007/ 2010 and 2013 also facilitate previewing mail and attachments. Archived e-mail messages can be searched both in Outlook and in the Outlook Web app. The EASY search allows retrieving even information from (nested) attachments; concurrent searches in archived and non-archived e-mail messages, as well as in multiple archive mailboxes side by side, are also possible.

For mobile users, archived e-mail messages can be simply synchronised from the archive to the user’s Notebook.

Permanent availability of archived e-mail messages, whether offline or online, eliminates the need for using local PST files. This also saves you the job of repairing defective PST files or finding deleted PST files in the backup.

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