Easy Documents – Turnkey solutions for midsize businesses

Easy Documents is a tool for modern, Web-based and workflow-controlled document management. This cross-platform solution opens up a variety of options, such as digital mail processing, invoice verification, contract management, or support handling.

EASY DOCUMENTS is used to create and process documents or business processes, and forward them specifically through the company. EASY DOCUMENTS summarises business transactions including their documents and data in a digital file generating a common document base for all users.

The Web client or iPhone (or other smartphones) enable employees to access all documents stored in the document management system. The innovative Mobile Client allows accessing internal processes via iPhone or other smartphones at any time, from anywhere. This ensures that employees are linked to company-internal workflows, allowing them to be part of the decision processes.

We save time.

“The past ten years have seen some 12,000 folders with an accumulation of purchase and outgoing invoices. That’s a lot of paper requiring a lot of space in a separate storeroom. Monitoring the budget, i.e. matching “as is” states with budget targets was a particularly time-consuming process because we had to find individual invoices in case of doubt. It was not just our employees in the Accounting or Controlling departments, but also auditors who continued to demand quick access to individual records at the touch of a button. That’s why we wanted to convert to electronic capture and archival of all invoices.”

Nadine DenckerControlling/ReportingBetty Barclay