Easy Capture Plus – All In One


Powerful data extraction for electronic and paper-based documents is a key technology of modern document management systems. The EASY CAPTURE PLUS tool lets you easily integrate automatic recognition as well as efficient and secure acquisition of data with operations.

In addition to capturing paper documents, EASY CAPTURE PLUS also allows capturing and processing electronic documents. With its extensive options to capture documents directly from Microsoft Office, from the file system or from an e-mail system, EASY CAPTURE PLUS is the universal standard solution for data extraction including perfect integration into the ECM solutions from EASY.

Ease of Use

A typical feature of EASY CAPTURE PLUS is its concept of a simple and logically structured interface. This ensures ease of use and brief training phases for employees, thereby significantly reducing the risk of improper operation by users.

Modular Structure

The flexible EASY CAPTURE PLUS function modules facilitate simple customisation to individual requirements. This allows EASY CAPTURE PLUS to integrate very easily with different enterprise processes. Its common basic scenarios enable uniform capturing from different sources.


Extensive functions for data extraction and data integration enable efficient capturing and processing of documents from image sources (scanning), print data streams, and from Microsoft Office solutions, as well as from the file system, and reliable transfer of the data to an archive, workflow or other third-party systems. Processing within EASY CAPTURE PLUS allows splitting, extracting and converting documents.

A Server-Based Solution

The module’s server-based architecture is the basis for central and fast processing of documents. Central processing eases the load on the workstation computer, with more complex tasks being performed without user intervention. Operational or customising changes can be made for all modules without expensive roll-out on the server console; they will be immediately available to all work stations after publication. Server-based processing also allows high-availability solutions for CAPTURE PLUS operation.

Transaction Safety

An integrated transaction management feature ensures secure and complete capturing of all documents through to transfer to the backend application.

Branch Office Operation

With its integrated replication module, EASY CAPTURE PLUS provides the option to perform flexible and uniform capture of records and documents, even in distributed locations, using central administration. This functionality should always be used when a stable connection to the server is not available or the available bandwidth impact is too small.

An “All-In-One” Solution!

EASY CAPTURE PLUS provides sophisticated function modules for all tasks and processes during data extraction within a single software suite. Central, server-based configuration in the EASY CAPTURE PLUS Centre significantly simplifies and accelerates implementation of this solution.

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