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Alcon, Inc. is the world’s leading eye care company. Dedicated to the ophthalmic industry for 60 years, Alcon researches, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment and devices, contact lens care solutions and other vision care products that treat diseases, disorders and other conditions of the eye.

At Alcon UK nearly 130 employees are dedicated to selling and distributing a full range of ophthalmic surgical equipment and supplies and pharmaceutical products. The company prides itself on the highest quality customer service with an emphasis on personal service. With a watchful eye on continuously improving customer service, Alcon has underpinned many of its business units with electronic document management technology to minimise paper reliance, improve productivity and deliver a better and more responsive customer service operation.

A Focus on Finance
Looking back at the first implementation of EASY SOFTWARE’s document management technology in 1999, Jamie Moss, IT Support at Alcon Laboratories UK had little idea just how widespread it would become. “We began with scanning and electronically storing invoices,” recalls Jamie.

“This was a heavily paper and people intensive process. We estimated that for an administrative clerk to find an invoice in response to a customer query, reproduce the invoice and then put it in the post, took at least 20 minutes.” Add to that cost and inconvenience to the customer, the likelihood that some invoices could not be retrieved or had been misfiled.

The cost and hours were stacking up; we were spending more than 100 hours a week locating, printing and sending invoices.”

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EASY’s suite of document scanning, search and retrieval solutions were integrated into the corporate JD Edwards financial system giving the team one place to look for invoices and without having to leave their desk. “The benefits were immediate,” adds Jamie. “Customers requesting copy invoices had their query handled in no time and this had a direct impact on the number of extra calls that could be handled in one day.” Jamie continues. “From

the comfort of their desks, admin clerks could locate the invoice and request a printed copy which output a document watermarked as ‘copy invoice’ from the archive. A retrieval process that used to take 10 minutes was reduced to 1 minute and had the added flexibility that invoices could be retrieved on a number of fields such as customer address, order number or invoice number.”

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A single view of shipping

With immediate and visible customer service, staff satisfaction and productivity improvements Alcon increased its order for EASY licences and went on to electronically capture other paperbased processes linked to customers’ orders. “In a very short time we could electronically trace the complete chain of paperwork related to an order – from the order itself to shipping information, personal requests and warehouse slips. This makes for a very efficient customer service operation and makes payment collection simpler and quicker which has a positive impact on the business.”

With the materials and customer services department underway, Jamie set his sights on other corporate departments such as the Regulatory Affairs Department, IT and HR. As Jamie explains, “People could see what could be achieved in space, time and money savings so we quickly developed a queue of departments ready to be document management-enabled.” In the Alcon regulatory affairs department volumes of paperwork are produced that need to be stored securely and this is now handled by the EASY document management system. Working with a 3rd party scanning company, the paperwork was scanned, stored and archived in the EASY system and for extra security, paper copies have been transported for off site storage.

Productivity in Personnel

The Alcon IT and HR departments are recent converts to the electronic document management system. In IT change control requests and training certificates are stored electronically giving an instant, accurate and valuable insight into which training courses each member has undertaken together with copies of compliance forms. The HR department has dramatically increased its visibility of Alcon staff now that all personnel paperwork has been scanned into the EASY HR Records Management system. With one simple search the HR team can access information from CVs and job applications to contracts, salary reviews and pension information. ‘This is visible, instantly accessible information and it makes for a much more responsive organisation.” Jamie concludes, “I cannot speak highly enough of the EASY team. They have worked closely with us to integrate the document management components into our corporate systems and have hand-held and advised us on how best to optimise their technology. We have a number of very successful departmental solutions as a result all of which are directly benefiting the company with savings in time, money and productivity and improving customer services by enabling us to deal accurately with higher call volumes.” EASY HR Records Management has allowed Alcon to manage their digital personnel and company files more efficiently than ever.

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