A best practices paper on Document Management in Accounts Payable

Document Management in Accounts Payable – a best practice guide to implementation, based on real projects. An insight into Accounts Payable Automation.

The undisputable case for managing documents electronically.

Once organisations are able to overcome their emotional connection to physical paperwork and filing, they are free to embrace the numerous benefits of digital transformation –
which start with authorised personnel being able to call up any information, at any time, in any place.

This best practices eBook is based on real projects and was compiled by EASY Software and Touchstone FMS.

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Contract Lifecycle Management – Best Practices Paper

Contract Lifecycle Management Whitepaper from EASY SOFTWARE UK

Contract Lifecycle Management: Implementing Best Practices into Your Process

This best practices paper was authored by Judy Ballou with a foreword by Tim Cummins, President & CEO of the IACCM

Judy has over 25 years of commercial and government contracting experience with executive leadership positions in the software, telecommunications and environmental services industries. She is the author of several articles on software licensing, intellectual property, and contract management.

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Recent IACCM research shows that over 60% of member companies have implemented contract management software – but less than 30% have succeeded in gaining widespread adoption. Automation is clearly a pivotal piece of best practice contract management, but its adoption and use remain areas for growth and optimisation. The following white paper goes through the contract management lifecycle exploring basic areas that can be dramatically improved through adoption of automation. IACCM is the premier organisation of people and companies that make trading relationships work around the world. As part of our responsibility, we attempt to nurture ethical and sustainable relationships between well-aligned vendors and IACCM members. IACCM remains vendor neutral regarding any specific automation or technology solutions.

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Accounts Payable Automation and Document Management for ERP

Over the past decade, great improvements have been made in the field of Accounts Payable Automation. The daily challenges of Accounts Payable departments can now become a thing of the past; input errors, unmanageable daily volume, inconsistent invoice format, and invoices without purchase orders are now distant memories to organisations that have made the investment in automation.

This white paper illustrates how you can integrate Accounts Payable Automation into your own company and reap the benefits of a streamlined system.

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The 2013 EDM Market Findings

Drowning in paperwork? Offices overflowing with cabinets? Information buried in files?

Time is money. So, why do we waste so much time tracking down and storing documents or
wading through filing cabinets looking for that one elusive piece of information? How much
time do we spend in search of documents that are lost, damaged or simply misfiled?
Imagine, though, having every file and every piece of information you need at your
fingertips with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Electronic Document Management (EDM), has been around since the 1980s, and provides
real benefits – it should be just as much a part of your office systems as e-mail, word
processing and accounts are.

EDM can make the dream of always being able to find what you need a reality. Not only that,
but it can also reduce storage space, cut your transportation and postage costs, improve
customer service, speed up information sharing and provide back up for your business
continuity/disaster recovery plans. Wading through filing cabinets and storing reams of
paper can finally become a thing of the past.

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