Creating A Friction-Free Digital Finance System

Customers can start attaining business advantage when they connect up a powerful document management suite with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) finance system.

In the past, Accounts Payable (AP) teams started their days opening the post, attaching coding and authorisation tickets to invoices, sending them for approval, and chasing for invoices to be returned. They then entered details onto the mainframe or mini-computer system, which paid the invoices and they archived the documents in the filing cabinet.

Today we face a situation of radically smaller AP teams, but the number of invoices remains the same or has increased, as companies expand.

THE SOLUTION: invoice automation to help AP teams manage.

Many of the customers we work with find integration with document management the best way to deliver such automation, and this e-book will explain the principal benefits of that approach. Read more here.

EASY Contract Lifecycle Management for Sales Teams

Contracts are the language of business. Or rather they are the business –
where sales promise becomes hard monetary value. This eBook on Contract Lifecycle Management, a no-nonsense guide for sales teams, considers how to improve customer confidence
and prevent profit leakage through automated, intelligent contract management.

Yet poor contract management erodes profitability – to the tune of 9% of a
company’s annual revenue, according to the International Association for
Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)2 . That’s a huge gap for a sales
team to make up, even before they factor in the cost of any lost opportunities.
And 9% is just an average! Some industries and businesses are even more
exposed. The higher the number of contracts, the more complex the scenario,
and the more involved the terms and conditions, the more chance there is for
something to fall through the cracks – jeopardising hard-won sales, and repeat

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EASY Contract LifeCycle Management for Procurement

Poor contract management can eat into your budget and prevent you from getting maximum value for money across your supplier base. Without vigilance and structure, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

This may mean you’re not negotiating as well as you could be, or getting the best out
of vendor/service provider relationships.

This eBook, a no nonsense guide for procurement teams, presents how to reduce risk and get more
from supplier relationships through automated, intelligent contract management.

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Getting up to speed on Document Management

Get up to speed on Document Management with EASY SOFTWARE UK.

So much is written about advanced forms of enterprise content management (ECM) and advanced workflow today, that it’s almost an assumption that organisations have mastered the basics of electronic document management. Yet, how many organisations are you aware of that run a paperless office?

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Document Management in Transport and Logistics

A simple guide to the essential role of document management in creating business growth and improving customer service
for transport and logistics companies.

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Document Management for the HR Department

Power to the People

The greatest asset any organisation has is its people.

One of the greatest challenges is managing them effectively and treating them in a manner that is
consistent and fair. The ability to keep detailed records, access them quickly when they are needed, inform the right
parties of important occurrences, and enable proactive decision making is critical in daily HR processes.

Download your FREE copy now of the EASY Peasy guide to Document Mangement in HR. document_management_for_hr