EASY Coverage In IT For CEOs

EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Sales & Marketing Director Howard Frear has written a very informative piece for key industry publication IT for CEOs on the on-going relevance of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

The classical discipline is not a something that gets much of an airing these days of cloud-based business, according to Howard.

That’s a problem – as its key principles of properly classifying, managing and storing information over time remain relevant in any environment, even one as seemingly rich in computing resources as ours: perhaps even more so.

Analysts are backing Howard’s conviction that ILM still matters – with Gartner telling CIOs recently it’s “an approach to data and storage management that recognises that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly… ILM seeks to classify data according to its business value and establish policies to migrate and store data on the appropriate storage tier and, ultimately, remove it altogether”.

That matters, as the more digitally connected we become, the more data we spawn. And where is all that data being stored? Largely in the cloud, since cloud storage costs are decreasing by 20% annually.

While on the face of it cloud appears an inexpensive and ‘infinite’ archiving solution, in reality, cautions the piece, if we ignore our data obligations under law, we lose accountability, control – and face real compliance and governance risk, especially when it comes to being able to definitively prove old business information’s been deleted for good.

Read Howard’s article for yourself here

EASY Unveils Major New Upgrade To Core Product Suite

Bury St Edmunds, UK – April 11, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management (DM) solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of significant new versions of three of its most popular enterprise solutions – EASY Capture Plus 5, EASY Documents 5 and EASY Archive.

Despite a wealth of new features being onboarded, the three new versions retain the look and feel of their previous incarnations, simplifying user adoption and protecting existing client investment.

EASY Documents 5

The improvements to EASY Documents 5 mean impressive support for DM on tablets, with the latest version making processes faster and safer, enabling employees to work more efficiently through improved collaboration. There are also improvements in responsive design and user-friendliness, including widescreen support, touch and dynamic display control. The ability to change the login screen images and personalise the layout and colour schemes supports strong customer branding, while allowing users fast access to content with their own preferred way of working were important priorities.

New reporting dashboards further enhance the management information experience with key business metrics displayed graphically in real-time, while still retaining the ever-popular and engaging email style interface.

EASY Capture Plus 5

EASY Capture Plus 5 is delivered as a full 64-bit solution, making it extremely efficient even at very large document volume and size scale. EASY offers a full set of software development kits to ease transition from older versions, while support for multi-threading via our Finereader tool is more robust than ever. Another new feature is that it is no longer necessary to update all objects and applications if a configuration needs changing, making it quicker to add new user configurations to improve agility.

In addition, XML import has also expanded while SMTP authenticated communication has been introduced for better data handling. The complete lifecycle of a document in Capture is now easily viewed, while EASY Remote Query has been expanded to be able to handle databases. Finally, EASY has combined the three OCR solutions into one single engine for convenience, as well as expanding user configuration options.

EASY Archive 5

Finally, in EASY Archive 5, users and administrators will benefit from the new ergonomic Web client used in Documents 5 and full integration with EASY View to display more unusual document and data formats from the browser. Set up can now be carried out using a wizard function to improve the user experience and security and reduce the chance of error. Archive 5 also offers unprecedented flexibility in the storage capability of user documents.

“Designed as they are to exploit leading-edge technologies while retaining the core EASY look and feel, the new versions of our core products are generating hugely positive customer reactions,” comments Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK, Howard Frear.

“In comparison with the 2011 versions of the same software, the responsive design and usability enhancements have been very extensive, and all were carried out after significant input from customers.”


EASY And TouchstoneFMS Publish In-Depth Guidance On Digital Finance Success

Bury St Edmunds, UK – April 7, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce the availability of a special new whitepaper, produced in partnership with financial management solutions provider TouchstoneFMS, on Document Management (DM) best practice in Accounts Payable.

The study, which involves use of real-life DM Accounts Payable case studies, shows how working with financial information in a digital way is the best way of maintaining control, improving efficiency and meeting compliance targets.

Critical success factors include authorised personnel being able to call up any information at any time, any place, as well as invoices being less likely to go astray and supplier queries getting settled at first contact, while approvals and other workflow processes can also be streamlined.

EASY and TouchstoneFMS suggest the ways to achieve that digital success include setting clear goals, maintaining a constant digital Accounts Payable dialogue with the business, starting with a pilot and extensive training.

The report also lays out how important it is to never underestimate the size of the scanning that can be a prerequisite to getting up and running, and setting expectations about the current capacity of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, as well as many other practical suggestions.

“The whitepaper our key partner TouchstoneFMS has produced offers invaluable best practice insight and brilliantly summarises current thinking about DM in Accounts Payable,” comments Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK, Howard Frear.

“Getting the implementation right is a critical success factor in any DM in Accounts Payable project, and the ideas and steps discussed, based on numerous TouchstoneFMS client successes, are invaluable for that reason,” he added.

Commenting from TouchstoneFMS, David Singh, Sales and Marketing Director: “Going fully digital with the help of DM in Accounts Payable can deliver substantial benefits and savings, as we have witnessed in many of our customer implementations.

“If you follow the best practice we discuss in the whitepaper, those benefits and savings  can be enjoyed by any organisation.”

The full whitepaper is available from here

TouchstoneFMS provides integrated business software and consultancy services to companies primarily in the UK and also supports international organisations, to help them meet their business objectives through our solution offerings.

TouchstoneFMS combines a deep knowledge of its clients’ business and markets, a broad range of service and software applications and the relevant skills, to help each client find the right solution to meet its business objectives. We solve a number of business issues, in the following areas: Financial Management, Corporate Performance Management, Procurement/Spend Control, Document Management, Time & Billing, Expense Management, Business Process Management and Business Intelligence.

EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Our Partner Day

In key industry publication DM Magazine, an article has been published about EASY SOFTWARE UK’s annual partner day, which took place at Epsom Down racecourse in September last year.

The racecourse was a fitting venue for the day because  the Jockey Club is a long standing customer of EASY’s.

DM Magazine Editor Dave Tyler attended and reported on proceedings.

Tyler notes that in Sales & Marketing Director for the UK, Howard Frear’s opening speech, he discussed the continuing success of parent company EASY AG “whose profits more or less doubled between 2014 and 2015 as their customer numbers totalled over 300.”

Tyler also notes Technical Director Tony Cheung discussion of the never-ending round of acquisitions across the sector, and that the content management sector was “one of huge potential growth”.

Tyler also notes Frear’s discussion of the company’s newest Spirit platform, designed to exploit mobile features and other leading edge technologies

And also, on the product side, Frear noted how workflow is becoming a major part of EASY’s business, while the buyers’ focus on ‘business packages’ suits the company’s approach well, as it highlights areas such as EASY Contract, EASY Invoice and EASY HR.

EASY Capture Plus 5 has been well received, Tyler noted, was Frear’s verdict. Also, Tyler reported that Cheung discussed how EASY Documents 5 offers impressive support for tablets in business use. Also how, in comparison with the 2011 version of the same software, the responsive design and usability enhancements were huge.

What’s more, Cheung noted how EASY Invoice 3.3 offered an enriched user interface.

The day ended with presentations from sponsors Northamber and Fujitsu on their scanning hardware, followed by social activities.

Read the full article for yourself, here

EASY To Host Special Industry Discussions On Electronic Contract Lifecycle Management

Bury St Edmunds, UK – March 8, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce that it is hosting two special discussions on developments in electronic contract lifecycle management.

The round table events will take place at specialist business and economic development consultancy Strategy Insights’ upcoming IT Strategy Meeting, scheduled for March 29 at The Cumberland Hotel, London Marylebone, London W1H 7DL.

The events will allow senior CIOs from large enterprises to consider the question, “Is sloppy contract management costing us billions – and how could going digital both plug the leaks and deliver tangible commercial value back?”

Discussions will consider the sobering statistic that 9% of all business revenue*  is under threat every year through poor contract lifecycle management processes, as well as how digital contract management needs to become a necessity for Sales and Purchasing, how ease of use drives adoption, and how CIOs can make an immediate and lasting positive impact on the problem by adopting best practice tools and disciplines.

“Contracts are a critical success factor in today’s business environment, contributing bottom line results through effective management,” points out Howard Frear, Sales and Marketing Director at EASY Software UK.

“Research recently shows that good contract development and management can improve profitability, so we are delighted to be partnering with a respected body in the CIO sector in the shape of Strategy Insight,” he adds.

“Our participation at the March round tables will give us a space to explain the techniques around contract lifecycle management and demonstrate best practice to practitioners in this area.”

If you would like to arrange a briefing with EASY on how leveraging systems, information, and best practice can position a Finance team to deliver visible value from contract management, get in touch on the details below.


*Poor Contract Management Costs Companies 9% – Bottom Line. Commitment Matters Blog 29 October 2012. Figures based on independent market research carried out by IACCM in 2011/12. The 9% figure represents an average which varies significantly between companies and industries; contact IACCM at info@iaccm.com for more precise information.

The IT Strategy Event – March 29th, Cumberland Hotel, London

The EASY team is supporting the IT Strategy Event running March 29th in London.  We’ll be hosting a roundtable on Digital Contract Management.  Here’s an overivew of what to expect.

Digital Contract Management made EASY– “Is sloppy contract management costing us billions? Going digital plugs the revenue leaks and finds tangible commercial value.”


  • Up to 9% of revenue is going missing – why?
  • Digital contract management becomes affordable for both Sales and Purchasing – how?
  • Ease of use drives adoption for key roles – who?
  • Can you make an immediate, measurable and lasting impact – when?

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Growing Problem Of CEO Fraud

In a recent blog, EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear discusses the growing problem of CEO fraud.

Howard outlines how, as reported by the BBC, the FBI says CEO fraud has risen by 270% since January of 2015, costing the global economy at least $3bn over the past three years, while an invoicing company Tungsten Network says tricking companies into sending invoice payments to the wrong people costs UK companies about £9bn a year.

Howard says he agrees with Steve Proffitt, deputy head of Action Fraud, the UK’s reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime, that, ”Employees should be encouraged to double check everything they do.”

Howard highlights the examples of a finance executive at toy manufacturer Mattel who was fooled by a message he thought was from his new boss, into paying more than $3m into a fraudulent account. Plus the case of Austrian aerospace parts maker FACC, which lost €42m in a similar email fraud.

According to Howard, someone in Finance fully armed with the information would never do what the employees at Mattel and FACC did. Control backed by full digital access to relevant information is the way forward here.

Read the full blog for yourself here

EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Information ILM Key To Modern Business

In key industry publication DM Magazine, EASY’s Howard Frear laid out why the discipline of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) may have gone out of fashion, though its teachings are just as valid as they’ve ever been.

Its key principles of properly classifying, managing and storing information over time remain relevant in any environment, even one as seemingly rich in computing resources as ours. (Perhaps even more so, he convincingly argues.)

For industry veteran Frear, the heart of the matter here is the concept of criticality: how important it is to keep the data and how important it is to delete it, which has to be in a way you can prove you did to the regulators.

Patently, different data types exhibit different levels of criticality when it comes to the business rules around how long it should be kept. That was hard to establish when it was held simply on servers or in data centres, he points out – but the cloud makes this far, far more challenging.

That’s even more complicated by the fact that so much cloud discussion is about sensitive data and not enough about deletion policies, making too many of us forget that if you don’t know where your data is, you can’t be sure it’s ever really gone (as it needs to be from a compliance point of view).

If data needs to be deleted in your business process, you simply can’t afford to be unclear about the way it’s stored, says Howard. Do you agree?

Read the piece for yourself here

Our EASY Focus

In a recent post for theDMCollaborators, Howard shared some thoughts on EASY’s current and near-future strategic focus.

A big area is HR going forward, he revealed: as we move to a more automated, digital future, HR leaders need better tools to cope with change and make the handling of human capital as friction-free as possible. DM will play an increasingly pivotal role here, he states.

Contract management is another focus for the year ahead, as businesses are waking up to the need for better ways to work collaboratively but also securely store vital business documents and associated processes.

Work continues meanwhile, he concludes, on EASY’s ongoing work to make its solutions ever more functional, simpler to use, as well as work for our highly valued SAP HANA customer base, and on user (and partner) training and education.

Read the blog post in full here

Nigerian Gas Leader Seven Energy Gets Smart About Billing Management, Thanks To EASY

Bury St Edmunds, UK – February 9, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce the success of its client Nigerian gas leader Seven Energy in its drive to streamline payment procedures, tax arrangements and contracts via document management (DM) technology.

Founded in 2004, Seven Energy is now the leading fully integrated company of its type in southeast Nigeria, with extensive upstream oil and gas interests in the region. For the first years of its growth, Seven Energy had been using a US-hosted external finance system at its admin base in the UK and Nigeria. However, this had ended up with an unwieldy workflow, as well as being open to human error inputting crucial financial and operational data.

As a result, Seven Energy’s leadership sought to implement a purchase-to-pay system to streamline invoicing, buttressed with a fully integrated and always-available, central document management system to drive further back office efficiencies. EASY won the contract after open competition, due to the strength of its offering and references, say the partners.

The solution EASY implemented has enabled Seven Energy to rapidly streamline its payment procedures, which now all adhere to strict payment terms and carefully set payment dates. In parallel, the new EASY DM system is allowing the organisation to get an overview of its complex tax obligations (due to the international nature of its business). At the same time, thanks to the new DM technology, internal tax specialists can easily pull up invoices and any contract terms from the finance repository.

Seven Energy also uses EASY to store contracts and associated documents in a third party contract management system, while the document management system is also a great benefit in managing travel expenses.

The next phase of the project is to implement the scanning and archiving of all finance journal back-up. This will allow the journal approvers to view the supporting documents directly in the document management system. Deployment is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

All in all, Seven Energy says it’s formed an “excellent working relationship with EASY” thanks to the success of the invoices and contracts deployment. “We have seen tangible benefits in terms of reduced administration overheads and improved efficiency and productivity,” said Richard Ray, Seven Energy Group Systems Manager. “We really are only scratching the surface at Seven Energy with DM and EASY,” he added.

“We are delighted about the success of Seven Energy, who is one of our most important DM engagements in the oil and gas sector,” commented Howard Frear, Sales & Marketing Director at EASY. “This is also testimony – due to the size, complexity, scope, and above all, the multi-country operational aspect of Seven’s achievement – to the power of EASY’s technology.

“EASY Invoice was recently voted ‘Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year’ in the 2016 DM Awards, partly down to strong use cases like this,” Frear added.

“We look forward to supporting Seven further in its journey, and helping it realise further benefits across all areas of the business.”