EASY To Host Special Industry Discussions On Electronic Contract Lifecycle Management

Bury St Edmunds, UK – March 8, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce that it is hosting two special discussions on developments in electronic contract lifecycle management.

The round table events will take place at specialist business and economic development consultancy Strategy Insights’ upcoming IT Strategy Meeting, scheduled for March 29 at The Cumberland Hotel, London Marylebone, London W1H 7DL.

The events will allow senior CIOs from large enterprises to consider the question, “Is sloppy contract management costing us billions – and how could going digital both plug the leaks and deliver tangible commercial value back?”

Discussions will consider the sobering statistic that 9% of all business revenue*  is under threat every year through poor contract lifecycle management processes, as well as how digital contract management needs to become a necessity for Sales and Purchasing, how ease of use drives adoption, and how CIOs can make an immediate and lasting positive impact on the problem by adopting best practice tools and disciplines.

“Contracts are a critical success factor in today’s business environment, contributing bottom line results through effective management,” points out Howard Frear, Sales and Marketing Director at EASY Software UK.

“Research recently shows that good contract development and management can improve profitability, so we are delighted to be partnering with a respected body in the CIO sector in the shape of Strategy Insight,” he adds.

“Our participation at the March round tables will give us a space to explain the techniques around contract lifecycle management and demonstrate best practice to practitioners in this area.”

If you would like to arrange a briefing with EASY on how leveraging systems, information, and best practice can position a Finance team to deliver visible value from contract management, get in touch on the details below.


*Poor Contract Management Costs Companies 9% – Bottom Line. Commitment Matters Blog 29 October 2012. Figures based on independent market research carried out by IACCM in 2011/12. The 9% figure represents an average which varies significantly between companies and industries; contact IACCM at info@iaccm.com for more precise information.

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