EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Our Partner Day

In key industry publication DM Magazine, an article has been published about EASY SOFTWARE UK’s annual partner day, which took place at Epsom Down racecourse in September last year.

The racecourse was a fitting venue for the day because  the Jockey Club is a long standing customer of EASY’s.

DM Magazine Editor Dave Tyler attended and reported on proceedings.

Tyler notes that in Sales & Marketing Director for the UK, Howard Frear’s opening speech, he discussed the continuing success of parent company EASY AG “whose profits more or less doubled between 2014 and 2015 as their customer numbers totalled over 300.”

Tyler also notes Technical Director Tony Cheung discussion of the never-ending round of acquisitions across the sector, and that the content management sector was “one of huge potential growth”.

Tyler also notes Frear’s discussion of the company’s newest Spirit platform, designed to exploit mobile features and other leading edge technologies

And also, on the product side, Frear noted how workflow is becoming a major part of EASY’s business, while the buyers’ focus on ‘business packages’ suits the company’s approach well, as it highlights areas such as EASY Contract, EASY Invoice and EASY HR.

EASY Capture Plus 5 has been well received, Tyler noted, was Frear’s verdict. Also, Tyler reported that Cheung discussed how EASY Documents 5 offers impressive support for tablets in business use. Also how, in comparison with the 2011 version of the same software, the responsive design and usability enhancements were huge.

What’s more, Cheung noted how EASY Invoice 3.3 offered an enriched user interface.

The day ended with presentations from sponsors Northamber and Fujitsu on their scanning hardware, followed by social activities.

Read the full article for yourself, here

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