Change, Yes – But Also Great DM Opportunity Ahead

In a recent blog, EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear looked ahead to 2017 and the changes the year will bring. Clearly Brexit and US political events has created a climate of uncertainty, he notes, which has made some companies hesitant about investment in core services, including technology. Nonetheless, Howard thinks the prospects for the DM sector remain buoyant.

While consolidation of the DM market will continue at the enterprise end, AI, Big Data and cloud are emerging as real game changers — with deft use of DM becoming a key part of the back end process that firms need to power all this great new technology.

As the world accommodates itself to a new, less certain world, there’s still going to be a lot of business disruption and an awful lot of old-fashioned business activity and buying and selling of companies, across international borders, he says — which translates to a need for better due diligence, in the shape of DM.

Finally, he advises, for most of our customers, cloud is the first option for most business buyers, given its simplicity of delivery and practicality: DM vendors take note!

Read the full blog for yourself here

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