EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Information ILM Key To Modern Business

In key industry publication DM Magazine, EASY’s Howard Frear laid out why the discipline of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) may have gone out of fashion, though its teachings are just as valid as they’ve ever been.

Its key principles of properly classifying, managing and storing information over time remain relevant in any environment, even one as seemingly rich in computing resources as ours. (Perhaps even more so, he convincingly argues.)

For industry veteran Frear, the heart of the matter here is the concept of criticality: how important it is to keep the data and how important it is to delete it, which has to be in a way you can prove you did to the regulators.

Patently, different data types exhibit different levels of criticality when it comes to the business rules around how long it should be kept. That was hard to establish when it was held simply on servers or in data centres, he points out – but the cloud makes this far, far more challenging.

That’s even more complicated by the fact that so much cloud discussion is about sensitive data and not enough about deletion policies, making too many of us forget that if you don’t know where your data is, you can’t be sure it’s ever really gone (as it needs to be from a compliance point of view).

If data needs to be deleted in your business process, you simply can’t afford to be unclear about the way it’s stored, says Howard. Do you agree?

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Our EASY Focus

In a recent post for theDMCollaborators, Howard shared some thoughts on EASY’s current and near-future strategic focus.

A big area is HR going forward, he revealed: as we move to a more automated, digital future, HR leaders need better tools to cope with change and make the handling of human capital as friction-free as possible. DM will play an increasingly pivotal role here, he states.

Contract management is another focus for the year ahead, as businesses are waking up to the need for better ways to work collaboratively but also securely store vital business documents and associated processes.

Work continues meanwhile, he concludes, on EASY’s ongoing work to make its solutions ever more functional, simpler to use, as well as work for our highly valued SAP HANA customer base, and on user (and partner) training and education.

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Nigerian Gas Leader Seven Energy Gets Smart About Billing Management, Thanks To EASY

Bury St Edmunds, UK – February 9, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce the success of its client Nigerian gas leader Seven Energy in its drive to streamline payment procedures, tax arrangements and contracts via document management (DM) technology.

Founded in 2004, Seven Energy is now the leading fully integrated company of its type in southeast Nigeria, with extensive upstream oil and gas interests in the region. For the first years of its growth, Seven Energy had been using a US-hosted external finance system at its admin base in the UK and Nigeria. However, this had ended up with an unwieldy workflow, as well as being open to human error inputting crucial financial and operational data.

As a result, Seven Energy’s leadership sought to implement a purchase-to-pay system to streamline invoicing, buttressed with a fully integrated and always-available, central document management system to drive further back office efficiencies. EASY won the contract after open competition, due to the strength of its offering and references, say the partners.

The solution EASY implemented has enabled Seven Energy to rapidly streamline its payment procedures, which now all adhere to strict payment terms and carefully set payment dates. In parallel, the new EASY DM system is allowing the organisation to get an overview of its complex tax obligations (due to the international nature of its business). At the same time, thanks to the new DM technology, internal tax specialists can easily pull up invoices and any contract terms from the finance repository.

Seven Energy also uses EASY to store contracts and associated documents in a third party contract management system, while the document management system is also a great benefit in managing travel expenses.

The next phase of the project is to implement the scanning and archiving of all finance journal back-up. This will allow the journal approvers to view the supporting documents directly in the document management system. Deployment is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

All in all, Seven Energy says it’s formed an “excellent working relationship with EASY” thanks to the success of the invoices and contracts deployment. “We have seen tangible benefits in terms of reduced administration overheads and improved efficiency and productivity,” said Richard Ray, Seven Energy Group Systems Manager. “We really are only scratching the surface at Seven Energy with DM and EASY,” he added.

“We are delighted about the success of Seven Energy, who is one of our most important DM engagements in the oil and gas sector,” commented Howard Frear, Sales & Marketing Director at EASY. “This is also testimony – due to the size, complexity, scope, and above all, the multi-country operational aspect of Seven’s achievement – to the power of EASY’s technology.

“EASY Invoice was recently voted ‘Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year’ in the 2016 DM Awards, partly down to strong use cases like this,” Frear added.

“We look forward to supporting Seven further in its journey, and helping it realise further benefits across all areas of the business.”

Change, Yes – But Also Great DM Opportunity Ahead

In a recent blog, EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear looked ahead to 2017 and the changes the year will bring. Clearly Brexit and US political events has created a climate of uncertainty, he notes, which has made some companies hesitant about investment in core services, including technology. Nonetheless, Howard thinks the prospects for the DM sector remain buoyant.

While consolidation of the DM market will continue at the enterprise end, AI, Big Data and cloud are emerging as real game changers — with deft use of DM becoming a key part of the back end process that firms need to power all this great new technology.

As the world accommodates itself to a new, less certain world, there’s still going to be a lot of business disruption and an awful lot of old-fashioned business activity and buying and selling of companies, across international borders, he says — which translates to a need for better due diligence, in the shape of DM.

Finally, he advises, for most of our customers, cloud is the first option for most business buyers, given its simplicity of delivery and practicality: DM vendors take note!

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EASY Wins Again At The Prestigious Document Manager 2016 Awards

Bury St Edmunds, UK, November 30, 2016 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, has today announced success for one of its key solutions at the 2016 Document Manager Awards.

The UK document management industry voted EASY Invoice top in the ‘Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year’ at the sector’s most important peer recognition awards.

EASY also came Runner Up in the ‘Workflow/BPM Product of the Year’ for EASY Documents 5.0 and ‘Software Product of the Year’ for EASY Contract 3.0 at the Awards organised by DM Magazine.

At the black-tie industry event at London’s Grand Connaught Rooms, November 24, EASY’s Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony Cheung, Technology Director and Business Development Manager, George Haddaway, flew the EASY flag, along with partners, clients and colleagues.

“A Document Manager Award is recognition that you have reached the highest standard, as defined by industry experts, partners and colleagues,” commented Frear.

“We are especially proud of the Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year because those areas are core EASY competencies, and so this is real acknowledgement by the sector of our pivotal role in financial Document Management.”

EASY INVOICE streamlines the accounts payable (AP or “Purchase to Pay”) process, using the latest document management technology to automate this central Finance workflow to improve efficiency and to deliver effective cash management.

The win caps a strong run of success in the Document Management Awards, with EASY SOFTWARE UK’s trophy cabinet containing impressive wins from previous years, including ‘Workflow/BPM Product of the Year’ and ‘Marketing Team of the Year’, among many others.

“Our thanks go to all our clients for their belief in us and continued loyalty, as well as the effort and dedication of the EASY team over the past 12 months,” noted Frear.

Now in their tenth year, the Document Manager Awards, the undisputed Oscars of the Document Management world, are recognised as the must-attend date on the calendar for the entire UK document and content management industry.

Categories span a range of product and project categories, with winners selected via a combination of online voting and the opinions of an invited expert judging panel.

To find out more, please visit here, follow @DMMagAndAwards and #dmawards2016.

EASY SOFTWARE, founded in 1990 and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is Europe’s foremost provider of integrated document management technologies. With more than 12,000 customers worldwide, global and local companies alike now rely on EASY’s comprehensive suite of scaleable document technologies to automate business processes, improve productivity and boost efficiency, as well as meet increasing regulatory requirements.

EASY promotes its extensive suite of document management solutions both directly and indirectly through a network of 200-plus global sales partners. More than 100 software development companies have created interfaces to EASY ECM Suite™, the company’s flagship solution platform.

EASY SOFTWARE is also a Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) as well as being the second largest provider of SAP archiving solutions worldwide.

EASY is headquartered in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, with further offices and subsidiaries throughout Germany, Austria, the USA, Singapore, Turkey and the UK. More information on EASY’s UK subsidiary can be found here

Giving Our Partners A Welcome Boost

At EASY Software we recognise that our market success relies on selecting key, strategic partnerships with organisations that have the right mix of technology skills and consultancy serviced to add value to or solutions.

Partners have always been at the centre of our go-to-market strategy. We are fortunate to have a network of over 200+ global sales partners and more than 100 software development companies with interfaces to our flagship solution, EASY Enterprise.

So when you partner with EASY, you’re assured of providing your customers the most advanced enterprise document and content management technologies and solutions. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at our newly revamped partner page listing our partners and their success stories.  Enjoy our partner day videos featuring many of our partners and their frank views of EASY and what we’re like to do business with.


Oh and if you’d like to know more about becoming an easy partner just contact us on 01284 727870

Unveiling eRequest 2017 – A Nolan Business Solutions Breakfast Briefing

Join EASY Software strategic partner Nolan Business Solutions on 6th December at Church House for breakfast and to see the unveiling of the brand new eRequest User Interface.

EASY Software is delighted to participate in this key event with long term strategic partner, Nolan Business Solutions to unveil a new interface to eRequest

Respondng to customer demands Nolan Business Solutions has completely overhauled the eRequest’s user interface with a focus on making it easier to use on any device. At the free breakfast briefing delegates will see the newly designed and fully functional eRequest and how the software will allow you to take more control of your corporate spending.

Please register for the event here

EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Contracts Are Key To Modern Business

In this key industry publication, EASY’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear lays out clearly why contracts, the bedrock of business, aren’t being properly managed for maximum efficiency – in even the biggest companies.

According to the independent International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), good contract development and management can improve profitability by the equivalent of 9% of annual revenue.

But, as Howard notes, that’s only the case when the Chief Financial Officer is fully engaged with contract management as a proper business process, and has the tools in place to take best advantage of them.

To do that properly, says EASY SOFTWARE (UK), “means going beyond the traditional contract work traditionally done in Legal to encompass Finance, Operations, Sales, Management and Services to add real value to the entire enterprise”.

Read the piece for yourself here

EASY Shortlisted At The Document Manager Awards For Tenth Year Running

Document management sector leader gets on shortlist for tenth year in a row at the upcoming DM Awards – the premier annual event for the UK content management community

Bury St Edmunds UK, September 27, 2016 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has today announced that it has once again been shortlisted in the annual Document Manager Awards.

The firm, which has won 13 DM Awards during the event’s ten-year history, is shortlisted in five categories this year:
Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year – EASY Invoice
Channel Partner of the Year – EASY Software
Company of the Year – EASY Software
Software Product of the Year – EASY Contract 3.0
Workflow/BPM Product of the Year – EASY Documents 5.0

The DM Awards are given based on outstanding contributions to the document management industry, with the event acknowledged to be a must-attend date on the calendar for the UK document and content management sector.

The DM Awards span a range of product and project categories, with winners selected via a combination of online voting and the opinions of an expert judging panel, with the final award ceremony and winner presentations for 2016 taking place on November 24 at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden.

EASY’s crammed awards cabinet includes previous DM Award category wins such as ‘Email Product of the Year’ (three times), ‘Channel Partner of The Year’, ‘Enterprise CMS Product’, ‘Workflow/BPM Product of the Year’, ‘Compliance Product of the Year’ and ‘Marketing Team of the Year’.

Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY, commented: “We’re thrilled to be in the running for a DM Award for the tenth year running, and we’d like to thank everyone in advance who will take the time to vote for us – and, of course, everyone who uses our solutions.”

Voting for 2016 is now open but, be advised, closes on 31 October.

The online voting process takes only a couple of minutes. If you’d like to vote for EASY, please click here

To find out more about The DM Awards, please visit dmawards.com and/or follow on Twitter

Why Contract Management Cannot Be Taken For Granted

Our latest blog post discusses the case of an employee of a Western Australian public sector organisation who went over their allotted AUS$100,000 (£58,000) spending budget to the tune of AUS$40,000,000 – £23,000,000 – in order to illustrate the fact that contract management is not straightforward. What’s more if you get it wrong you cost your business substantial time, money and legal fees. The great news is that with DM solutions like EASY’s, great contract management is not just practical and affordable for any sort of organisation – it’s also something you can start implementing tomorrow. Given that you can’t be sure there’s not someone on your team making the same sort of mistakes as the employee in Australia, can you afford not to? Read the blog for yourself here