EASY Software Announces GDPR Solution For UK Data Protection Officers

Team-up with Fujitsu delivers market-leading data tracking tool for GDPR preparation

Bury St Edmunds, UK, October 23, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, has a new solution to help UK organisations prepare for imminent data privacy changes in the shape of local implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The solution is from EASY’s German sister company Otris Software AG and allows the content management leader to resell fully-featured data compliance management software Otris privacy ®.

The longstanding co-operation will be further aligned with key EASY channel partner Fujitsu, a market leader in the document and data capture solutions arena.

Otris privacy for GDPR software solution has been enhanced for over a decade to address the stringent requirements of the incumbent German data protection law BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz Federal Data Protection Act), and has been successfully deployed by over 500 organisations within this area of jurisdiction.

This web-based software tool is used by many European Data Privacy Officers to collate, manage and assess data privacy usage in their organisations so as to lower risk plus provide auditable process documentation to meet the toughest data privacy legal requirements.

Welcoming the announcement, EASY SOFTWARE Sales & Marketing Director Howard Frear notes the strong relationship built over many years with Fujitsu, which has been providing many joint customers with reliable document and content management solutions.

“This relationship now enters a new era of information regulation and compliance where trust meets opportunity,” he adds.

Frear also welcomes the chance to work on GDPR preparation with colleagues at Otris, who “clearly live and breathe the considerable complexities of information legal compliance”.

“Otris privacy ® will be highly useful to GDPR Data Protection Officers, as it will allow them to simultaneously unlock and protect the value of their data.”

UK Furniture Leader Fishpools Begins Digital Transformation With EASY

Bury St Edmunds, UK – September 11, 2017 – EASY Software UK is delighted to announce retailer Fishpools Furniture, the largest quality furniture store in the South East of England, has realised multiple digital efficiencies through use of its award-winning product suite.

Up until 2014, Fishpools stored all financial information and correspondence manually, which meant time had to be spent in paper-heavy business processes and workflows. The process had an effect on its ability to deal with queries, says the company.

Scanning and storage of Fishpools’ financial documentation with EASY’s technology has proven to be the answer, as Fishpools processes over 800 sales orders and delivery notes and around 400 invoices per week.

This now means team members are much more productive, as client, supplier and order information is far easier to store and search digitally as opposed to searching through filing cabinets.

Plus, it’s also hugely valuable for Fishpools to have all relevant sales, purchasing and financial information always available from an efficiency and regulatory point of view, as well as for immediate customer support and problem resolution.

Another benefit is increased physical space at the company, freed up by the ability to remove physical storage, says the company.

For Alice Norris, Fishpools’ Operations Director, “We got a return on investment from EASY, absolutely.

“We will continue to use EASY as the move to digital clearly benefits our business, and we expect our use of it to grow with us.”

Invoice Automation for Dynamics GP – Webinar with Nolan Business Solutions, October 4th

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Learn how you can simply and quickly embed invoice automation into your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. We will show through presentation and demonstration how EASY Invoice™ can handle invoice capture, tracking, approval and storage and deliver significant process improvements across the business.

All attendees will receive a complimentary Invoice Automation best practices paper.

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5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management – New Webinar on August 3rd

Join us at 11AM on August 3rd for our latest webinar – 5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management

9% of company revenues are lost to poor contract management

(source: IACCM)

On the webinar you will learn how you can streamline your organisational processes through automated Contract Lifecycle Management. We will show through presentation and demonstration how automated contract management can address delayed revenues, compliance risks, avoidable costs and unmet obligations. All registrants will receive a complimentary contract management guide and eBook.

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EASY SOFTWARE UK Wins Important ‘GDPR Ready’ Recognition At 2017 Storage Awards

EASY wins key industry recognition for the contribution of its GDPR solution from sister EASY company otris software AG at the ‘Storries’

Bury St Edmunds, UK, July 6, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s leading supplier of document management solutions, has secured important sector acknowledgement of its solution for the imminent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pan-European data compliance standard.

As a result, customers who have not yet commenced their GDPR journey will have confidence that EASY can help them meet the May 2018 deadline for the regulation, which brings in a tough new sanction regime replacing the UK Data Protection Act (DPA).

EASY came top in the ‘GDPR Ready’ category at the June 2017 Storage Awards with its GDPR solution otris privacy from sister EASY company, otris software AG.

otris privacy is a support tool for helping organisations get ready for GDPR, offering proof of process and a way to show auditors what’s being achieved, says the company.

The software helps properly document and project manage GDPR preparedness on many fronts, from collecting data from data stakeholders to producing a snapshot of results and helping data compliance officers build a traffic light system of green (compliant), amber (questions to settle) and red (at risk on GDPR).

Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY, commented: “GDPR is a huge issue for any organisation working with customer data.

“To help we offer a solution, successfully used for equally rigorous data protection laws by 400 German and Austrian organisations, to document and project manage data governance to address GDPR, which has to be prepared for.”

The Storage Awards, now in their 14th year, includes 30 categories voted for by thousands of Storage Magazine readers to reward the outstanding products, services and people in the industry.

“This brings EASY’s total number of Storries to twelve over eleven years, which is very gratifying but even more so for such an important area as GDPR,” Frear concludes.

The 2017 Storage Awards were held in London’s Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden on June 15, and more information about the awards can be found at http://www.networkcomputing.co.uk/ncawards/?page=winners2017 @STMagAndAwards #Storries.


5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management

Join us on June 13th at 10:30AM for a webinar with our strategic partner, Fujitsu 

5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management

9% of company revenues are lost to poor contract management (source: IACCM)

Join us and our partner Fujitsu on this webinar and learn how to streamline your organisational processes through automated Contract Lifecycle Management. We will show through presentation and demonstration how automated contract management can address delayed revenues, compliance risks, avoidable costs and unmet obligations. All attendees will receive a complimentary Contract Management guide and eBook.

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EASY Coverage In IT For CEOs

EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Sales & Marketing Director Howard Frear has written a very informative piece for key industry publication IT for CEOs on the on-going relevance of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

The classical discipline is not a something that gets much of an airing these days of cloud-based business, according to Howard.

That’s a problem – as its key principles of properly classifying, managing and storing information over time remain relevant in any environment, even one as seemingly rich in computing resources as ours: perhaps even more so.

Analysts are backing Howard’s conviction that ILM still matters – with Gartner telling CIOs recently it’s “an approach to data and storage management that recognises that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly… ILM seeks to classify data according to its business value and establish policies to migrate and store data on the appropriate storage tier and, ultimately, remove it altogether”.

That matters, as the more digitally connected we become, the more data we spawn. And where is all that data being stored? Largely in the cloud, since cloud storage costs are decreasing by 20% annually.

While on the face of it cloud appears an inexpensive and ‘infinite’ archiving solution, in reality, cautions the piece, if we ignore our data obligations under law, we lose accountability, control – and face real compliance and governance risk, especially when it comes to being able to definitively prove old business information’s been deleted for good.

Read Howard’s article for yourself here

EASY Unveils Major New Upgrade To Core Product Suite

Bury St Edmunds, UK – April 11, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management (DM) solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of significant new versions of three of its most popular enterprise solutions – EASY Capture Plus 5, EASY Documents 5 and EASY Archive.

Despite a wealth of new features being onboarded, the three new versions retain the look and feel of their previous incarnations, simplifying user adoption and protecting existing client investment.

EASY Documents 5

The improvements to EASY Documents 5 mean impressive support for DM on tablets, with the latest version making processes faster and safer, enabling employees to work more efficiently through improved collaboration. There are also improvements in responsive design and user-friendliness, including widescreen support, touch and dynamic display control. The ability to change the login screen images and personalise the layout and colour schemes supports strong customer branding, while allowing users fast access to content with their own preferred way of working were important priorities.

New reporting dashboards further enhance the management information experience with key business metrics displayed graphically in real-time, while still retaining the ever-popular and engaging email style interface.

EASY Capture Plus 5

EASY Capture Plus 5 is delivered as a full 64-bit solution, making it extremely efficient even at very large document volume and size scale. EASY offers a full set of software development kits to ease transition from older versions, while support for multi-threading via our Finereader tool is more robust than ever. Another new feature is that it is no longer necessary to update all objects and applications if a configuration needs changing, making it quicker to add new user configurations to improve agility.

In addition, XML import has also expanded while SMTP authenticated communication has been introduced for better data handling. The complete lifecycle of a document in Capture is now easily viewed, while EASY Remote Query has been expanded to be able to handle databases. Finally, EASY has combined the three OCR solutions into one single engine for convenience, as well as expanding user configuration options.

EASY Archive 5

Finally, in EASY Archive 5, users and administrators will benefit from the new ergonomic Web client used in Documents 5 and full integration with EASY View to display more unusual document and data formats from the browser. Set up can now be carried out using a wizard function to improve the user experience and security and reduce the chance of error. Archive 5 also offers unprecedented flexibility in the storage capability of user documents.

“Designed as they are to exploit leading-edge technologies while retaining the core EASY look and feel, the new versions of our core products are generating hugely positive customer reactions,” comments Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK, Howard Frear.

“In comparison with the 2011 versions of the same software, the responsive design and usability enhancements have been very extensive, and all were carried out after significant input from customers.”


EASY And TouchstoneFMS Publish In-Depth Guidance On Digital Finance Success

Bury St Edmunds, UK – April 7, 2017 – EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions, is delighted to announce the availability of a special new whitepaper, produced in partnership with financial management solutions provider TouchstoneFMS, on Document Management (DM) best practice in Accounts Payable.

The study, which involves use of real-life DM Accounts Payable case studies, shows how working with financial information in a digital way is the best way of maintaining control, improving efficiency and meeting compliance targets.

Critical success factors include authorised personnel being able to call up any information at any time, any place, as well as invoices being less likely to go astray and supplier queries getting settled at first contact, while approvals and other workflow processes can also be streamlined.

EASY and TouchstoneFMS suggest the ways to achieve that digital success include setting clear goals, maintaining a constant digital Accounts Payable dialogue with the business, starting with a pilot and extensive training.

The report also lays out how important it is to never underestimate the size of the scanning that can be a prerequisite to getting up and running, and setting expectations about the current capacity of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, as well as many other practical suggestions.

“The whitepaper our key partner TouchstoneFMS has produced offers invaluable best practice insight and brilliantly summarises current thinking about DM in Accounts Payable,” comments Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK, Howard Frear.

“Getting the implementation right is a critical success factor in any DM in Accounts Payable project, and the ideas and steps discussed, based on numerous TouchstoneFMS client successes, are invaluable for that reason,” he added.

Commenting from TouchstoneFMS, David Singh, Sales and Marketing Director: “Going fully digital with the help of DM in Accounts Payable can deliver substantial benefits and savings, as we have witnessed in many of our customer implementations.

“If you follow the best practice we discuss in the whitepaper, those benefits and savings  can be enjoyed by any organisation.”

The full whitepaper is available from here

TouchstoneFMS provides integrated business software and consultancy services to companies primarily in the UK and also supports international organisations, to help them meet their business objectives through our solution offerings.

TouchstoneFMS combines a deep knowledge of its clients’ business and markets, a broad range of service and software applications and the relevant skills, to help each client find the right solution to meet its business objectives. We solve a number of business issues, in the following areas: Financial Management, Corporate Performance Management, Procurement/Spend Control, Document Management, Time & Billing, Expense Management, Business Process Management and Business Intelligence.

EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Our Partner Day

In key industry publication DM Magazine, an article has been published about EASY SOFTWARE UK’s annual partner day, which took place at Epsom Down racecourse in September last year.

The racecourse was a fitting venue for the day because  the Jockey Club is a long standing customer of EASY’s.

DM Magazine Editor Dave Tyler attended and reported on proceedings.

Tyler notes that in Sales & Marketing Director for the UK, Howard Frear’s opening speech, he discussed the continuing success of parent company EASY AG “whose profits more or less doubled between 2014 and 2015 as their customer numbers totalled over 300.”

Tyler also notes Technical Director Tony Cheung discussion of the never-ending round of acquisitions across the sector, and that the content management sector was “one of huge potential growth”.

Tyler also notes Frear’s discussion of the company’s newest Spirit platform, designed to exploit mobile features and other leading edge technologies

And also, on the product side, Frear noted how workflow is becoming a major part of EASY’s business, while the buyers’ focus on ‘business packages’ suits the company’s approach well, as it highlights areas such as EASY Contract, EASY Invoice and EASY HR.

EASY Capture Plus 5 has been well received, Tyler noted, was Frear’s verdict. Also, Tyler reported that Cheung discussed how EASY Documents 5 offers impressive support for tablets in business use. Also how, in comparison with the 2011 version of the same software, the responsive design and usability enhancements were huge.

What’s more, Cheung noted how EASY Invoice 3.3 offered an enriched user interface.

The day ended with presentations from sponsors Northamber and Fujitsu on their scanning hardware, followed by social activities.

Read the full article for yourself, here