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Our EASY Focus

In a recent post for theDMCollaborators, Howard shared some thoughts on EASY’s current and near-future strategic focus. A big area is HR going forward, he revealed. Contract management is another focus for the year ahead.

Change, Yes – But Also Great DM Opportunity Ahead

In a recent blog, EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear looked ahead to 2017 and the changes the year will bring. Clearly Brexit and US political events has created a climate of uncertainty, he notes, which has made some companies hesitant about investment in core services, including technology. Nonetheless, Howard thinks the prospects for the DM sector remain buoyant.

Giving Our Partners A Welcome Boost

At EASY Software we recognise that our market success relies on selecting key, strategic partnerships with organisations that have the right mix of technology skills and consultancy serviced to add value to or solutions. Partners have always been at the centre of our go-to-market strategy. We are fortunate to have a network of over 200+ […]

EASY Coverage In DM Magazine: Contracts Are Key To Modern Business

In this key industry publication, EASY’s Marketing & Sales Director Howard Frear lays out clearly why contracts, the bedrock of business, aren’t being properly managed for maximum efficiency – in even the biggest companies. According to the independent International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), good contract development and management can improve profitability by […]

Why Contract Management Cannot Be Taken For Granted

Our latest blog post discusses the case of an employee of a Western Australian public sector organisation who went over their allotted AUS$100,000 (£58,000) spending budget to the tune of AUS$40,000,000 – £23,000,000 – in order to illustrate the fact that contract management is not straightforward. What’s more if you get it wrong you cost your business substantial time, money and legal fees.