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5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management

Join us on June 13th at 10:30AM for a webinar with our strategic partner, Fujitsu  5 Ways to Deliver Great Contract Management 9% of company revenues are lost to poor contract management (source: IACCM) Join us and our partner Fujitsu on this webinar and learn how to streamline your organisational processes through automated Contract Lifecycle Management. […]

EASY Contract

The days of trying to remember Contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over.  EASY Contract ensures end to end, automated, contract lifecycle management. Take a look at the EASY Contract brochure EASY Contract 3.0 – Flyer

Working with EASY – ECM is a Team Effort

Whether a prospective customer or partner, we think you’ll find us ready and willing to make the relationship work. Partnership is not just an expression here at EASY SOFTWARE, it is essential to our success. Because only through our extensive network are we able to offer our customers the advice and support that successfully delivers […]

View from the Trenches

Document Management in Accounts Payable – a best practice guide to implementation, based on real projects The undisputable case for managing documents electronically. Once organisations are able to overcome their emotional connection to physical paperwork and filing, they are free to embrace the numerous benefits of digital transformation – which start with authorised personnel being […]

EASY Contract Lifecycle Management for Sales Teams

Contracts are the language of business. Or rather they are the business – where sales promise becomes hard monetary value. Yet poor contract management erodes profitability – to the tune of 9% of a company’s annual revenue, according to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)2 . That’s a huge gap for a […]

Contract Lifecycle Management – Best Practices Paper

This best practices paper was authored by Judy Ballou with a foreword by Tim Cummins, President & CEO of the IACCM Judy has over 25 years of commercial and government contracting experience with executive leadership positions in the software, telecommunications and environmental services industries. She is the author of several articles on software licensing, intellectual […]

EASY Contract LifeCycle Management for Procurement

Poor contract management can eat into your budget and prevent you from getting maximum value for money across your supplier base. Without vigilance and structure, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. This may mean you’re not negotiating as well as you could be, or getting the best out of vendor/service provider relationships. […]